Hello there, we are Loca

We think there's a better way for communities to shop online

Here's the plan

We want to enable local, low carbon, online retail that benefits both local retailers and the community

Great products

From your local retailers.

Available online

From a single store.

Delivered by bike

Awesome cargo bikes, to be exact.

Here's how it helps

We want to support local retailers and the local economy, reduce packaging, and improve air quality. All at once. 

Support local shops

All the products available are supplied by your local shops that are in your community.

Support the local economy

Every pound spent stays in the local economy and supports local independent businesses.

Better for the environment

With zero (or very little) packaging and low carbon delivery by bike we're reducing waste and improving air quality.

Want to join in? Get in touch

If you're interested in joining Loca - either as a retailer, a rider, or general supporter - drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you.